Thursday, July 10, 2014

Luna’s Children Author Interview with Zorknot Robinson

Luna’s Children Author Interview with Zorknot Robinson


Fear the Moonlight!

For countless centuries, mankind has watched as the sun goes down knowing that Luna will rise in its place, to rain her brilliant shards of light upon the Earth. But for the cursed and afflicted, that silvery orb brings horror and death.

In celebration of the release of the two Luna's Children werewolf anthologies from Dark Oak Press, I'll be interviewing some of the collection's authors.

Today's victim ... lucky recipient is Zorknot Robinson

What spawned the idea for your story?
Many werewolf stories deal with a character being tempted into immorality by their curse. I wanted to write about the opposite happening. What if a character completely without moral compunctions was tempted to be a good person? In many ways "Always Hungry" is a mirror image of the usual werewolf story. Also one of my favorite takes on the werewolf genre is the movie "An American Werewolf in London". So I tried to use the same tone in this story. 


Are you a Pantser or Plotter?
I'm mostly a pantser with a little plotter mixed in. I used to be strictly a pantser, but if I don't write down a brief sentence or two on where I want the story to go, it doesn't go anywhere. I outline, if you can call it that, as I write though, just to keep track of the ideas I get while I write a scene. I don't plan everything out ahead of time. Whenever I try to do that, I end up losing all interest in actually writing the story.


Is there a soundtrack to this story? (A song you think fits… or something you had on while you were writing?)
I would say the soundtrack to "Always Hungry" is something with a fast tempo at the beginning and end, with a country song in the middle. Like Hank Williams played in the middle of a Skrillex concert.


Is this a familiar genre for you or did you try something new?
Speculative fiction is my genre. There are differences between horror, fantasy, and science fiction, but if people actually paid attention to these differences at least half the books in a bookstore would have to be reshelved. I'm sure my differences would be different from other people's differences anyway. 


What is your next project?
My next project is a near future science fiction novel that I've been kicking around for a decade or so. I figure it’s time to get it written before the idea gets hopelessly out of date. I've got a lot of stories in different genres that just need a bit of polishing too.


Where can readers keep up with you?